Thoubal District
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National Informatics Centre (NIC) Thoubal District.  

NIC Thoubal District Centre was set up in the year 2009 at D.C Office Complex Thoubal for providing Information and Communication Technology supports to District Administration and other different district level officers for successful implementation of Central, State and District level ICT projects, new innovative ICT solutions in the district and grass root level. Now NIC Thoubal facilitate all the new ICT technology edges to all the government departments of Thoubal District such as 34 Mbps internet Network  with nearly  232 nodes, Video Conferencing facility, Tele- educations, and monitor  65 nos of VLEs/CSC at villages level for providing the e-governances services to the citizen of the District.
Successfully running the G2C services in the district with the technical and scientific support of NIC Thoubal such as , CONFONET, IDSP, CORD, E-Court, Land Record computerization, Vahan and Sarathi for transport dept., TreasuryNet , Pension Payment System, ECS for salary payment, MGNREGA, IAY, NFSA/ERCMS for CAF& PD, Online Employment service, NDAL, NADRS, CSC/CIC, E-District, Wi-Max and more.  


Staff List

Name and Designation



1 L. Shyamjit Singh ,DIO 1990 30/12/2002
2 Md. Abdul Kayam Khan ,DIO 31/12/2002  
3 T. Sanatomba Singh , Addl.DIO/Scientist-B 26/10/2009  
4 Oinam Dhanachandra Singh, FMS NIC Thoubal 05/08/2008  
5 Thinjgujam Surjit Singh, FMS NIC Thoubal 05/08/2008 07/05/2016
7 Sapam Lalhari Singh, e-District Manager, DeGS , Thoubal 12/08/2013  
6 Ningthoujam Dijen Singh, FMS NIC Thoubal 12/08/2016  
8 Md. Rafiquddin Khan, District Manager, CSC2.0, DeGS, Thoubal 01/09/2016  
9 Moiranghtem Swarupi Devi, District Manager, CSC2.0, DeGS, Thoubal 01/09/2016  

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