1.2    Name                                    :    YOUTH VOLUNTEERS' UNION - YVU
1.3    Address                                 :    Indo - Burma Road, Thoubal Wangmataba
                                                           Thoubal - 795138, Manipur, India.
1.4    Telephone                              :    ( 0091 ) ( 03848 ) - 22224 ( O )
                                                            ( 0091 ) ( 03848 ) - 22514 ( R )
           Fax.                                     :    ( 0091 ) ( 03848 ) - 22224 ( O )
           Telegram.                             :    WAIVIEW, Thoubal - 795138.
1.5    Contact Person.                     :    Ak. Tikendrajit Singh. Chief Organiser
1.6    Contact Address                    :    Youth Volunteers' Union - YVU,
                                                            Indo - Burma Road,Thoubal Wangmataba,
                                                            Thoubal - 795138, Manipur, 

                            II    Information about the Organisation

2.1    Legal Status                            :    i)YVUisregisteredundertheIndianSocieties
                                                               Registration Act, 1860 being its registeration
                                                               No. 1015 of 1972.
                                                           ii) YVU is registered under the Foreign Contribution
                                                               Regulation Act,1976 being its registration 
                                                               No. 194200001.
                                                          iii) YVU is also registered under the Income Tax Act,
                                                               1961 under Act No.12  A ( a ).
2.2    Banker                                     :     State Bank Of India - SBI, Manipur University
                                                               Campus Branch  Canchipur - 795003, Manipur, India.
                                                                Branch Code No. 5320

          FCRA A/C No.                      :    C & I 2/363.

III    Operational Area

3.1    Operation District/s                   :   1)    Thoubal District.

                                                             2)    Chandel District.

                                                             3)    Senapati District.

                                                             4)    Bishenpur District.

3.2    Number of Villages.                   :    Thoubal District.        44 villages

                                                               Chandel District.          8 villages

                                                               Senapati District.       24 villages

                                                               Bishenpur District.        4 villages

3.3    Number of Beneficiaries/Families:   Thoubal District.        15,000 families

                                                     Chandel District.            165 families

                                                               Senapati District.           325 families

                                                               Bishenpur District.         315 families

3.4     Source of fund                           :  1. Protestant Central Agency for Germany

                                                                  Development Aid - EZE, Germany.

                                                              2. Indo- German Social Service Society -  India

                                                                  IGSSS, New Delhi

                                                              3. Water Aid, London  United Kingdom

                                                              4. Own Production Centres

3.5    Number of Staff                          :     Category                     Male                    Female.

                                          1.    Finance and Administration            8                            3

                                          2.    Programme                                   21                          11

                                          3.    Professional                

                                          4.    Non-Professional

                                          5.    Casual Workers                           17                            42

3.6    Staff Expertise

         YVU staff is consists of Doctors, Engineers, Livestock Doctors, Agriculturists, Social Scientists, Women Organizers,

          Food Technologist etc, who have expertise in their subjects. Most of the staff are working with YVU for more than 10 years.

IV    Brief Background of the Organisation/Activities

        YOUTH VOLUNTEERS' UNION is an association formed by young dedicated men and women as a voluntary endeavor primarily as a social service institution based on no-profit basis, having no political intention and to make variety of socially and locally based service available so as to reach the marginal/small farmers.

        YVU strongly believes in working together with the local  people and particularly with the weaker section of the small and sub-urban communities including inaccessible Areas with no preference to any particular caste, creed, color and sex. Its roots are deeply rooted in its secular character.

        YVU- a movement of people particularly by youth Identities completely and directs its efforts in collaboration with local people to enable them to design their developmental initiatives, economically, socially, environmentally, so that the deprived class of community also enjoy the fruits of human dignity resulting in transformation of their life an environment in which they live. 

        YVU is recognized for its contribution in social welfare work and awarded National Youth Award in the year1986-87 at Delhi in the function chaired by the then Hon'ble Prime Minister of India, Late Rajiv Gandhi.

        YVU operates through the women group village Communities/farmers based local association in the groups and that forms the strong ground for the entire programme. YVU consist of Civil Engineer, Specialist in the areas of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Health land based interventions, Women initiatives, Rural Credit facilities, Youth Movements, Trainings, Alternative Resource for energy management, Community Health and Sanitation, Irrigation Engineering, Small Scale fruit Processing. YVU also draws the strength from State and Central Government for the essential support required.
       Youth Volunteers' Union ( YVU ) had emerged in 1970 from spontaneous urge of a group of 5 young teenagers responding to a flood situation that effected Thoubal and its adjoining villages. Working together in the relief camps providing help to flood victims in and emergency situation, the group was initiated into the field of public work.

        The YVU, thereafter, followed through the usual process to traverse from relief to development. Starting with distribution of essential commodities to flood victims, the group continued organising Youth Camps and creating Small Scale service facilities for the communities e.g. Renovation of village ponds, Canals and roads, organising literary meets, youth festivals and seminars. One of its visible constructive works is the establishment of Thoubal Public Library Cum Information Centre at Thoubal. The Public Library is registered separately under the Societies Act, XXI of 1860 being its Registration No. 1668 of 1974. It continues to function as a visible institution independent of YVU. 


        YVU Vision beyond 2000

        It has been tradition with YVU to go into a process of introspection at the onset Of every Decade it steps into. The present time would be  no exception. YVU is already in the process of communicating with its stake holders, partners, well wishes, experts and subject matter specialists with a view to gather opinions. It Is sincerely hoped that all these views and advice would enrich YVU's own inclination to march ahead beyond the year 2000 to enter the milleneum.

        V    Focus Areas

       Resource Centre both for farmers, rural communities and up-coming voluntary agencies to be a source of motivation

        and provide technical guidance support and be a facilitator for developmental actions.

            -    Management  of agricultural irrigation and water conservation based on locally adaptable methods.

            -    Multiple agricultural facilities, inputs to farmers and equip them with the appropriate training and skills.

            -    Enhance productivity and utility of wastelands.

            -    Educate the farmers and community at a large in with issues on environment that affects the overall

                  eco-system/ management.

            -    Conservation of soil.

            -    Alternative energy resources management.

            -    Joint collaborative effort with the community in providing community based facilities such as IVR, community

                  markets sheds, community centres etc.

            -    Safe drinking water and health.

            -    Community based public farm/livestock development.

            -    Protection and reclamation of cultivable land affected by flood.

            -    Cottage industries.

            -    Fruit Juice extraction/collection centres.

            -    Small Fruit Processing Unit.

            -    Women's Rural Credit System/facilities.

            -    Build up rural women's group/association.

VI    Resources/Facilities Available

            -    Cross breed Dairy Foundation Farm with 40 milk animals with natural and A.I. Facilities.

            -    Printing Press.

            -    Custom/Agricultural input services.

            -    Biogas on demonstration basis.

            -    Small Scale Fruit and Vegetable canning and processing unit.

            -    Women's Thrift and Credit Society.

            -    Rural Resource-Cum-Community Centre with facility to accommodate 75 people with conference hall and 

                  training hall facilities especially for rural development organisations.

            -    Women's Co-operative/Initiative/Leadership.

            -    Skilled/Vocational development.

            -    Land based sustainable models.

            On Going Programmes 

        Waiveiw diary

           Waiview Printers'

            Rural Resource- Cum- Community Centre.

            Custom Service.

            WAIFRUIT Fruit and Vegetable Processing Centre.

            Women Credit and Thrift Project- WCTP.

             Structure of YVU

            YVU has the largest membership of any registered society in Manipur. It has 371 members on its rolls classified as



1 Founder Member 48
2 Chief Patrons 37
3 Patrons 51
4 Life Members 166
5 Honorary Members 16
6 Ordinary Members 47
7 Special Members 6



            The main organ of YVU is the General Body. It has a Governing Body consisting of 11 members elected by
            the General Body Members. The tenure of the Governing Body is 3 years. 57% of its members are women. 
            The  involvement of women members of YVU in its developmental activities is quite high. 


            Mr. AK. Tikendrajit Singh, the founder Secretary of YVU is the Chief Executive Officer. He is supported by 37

            full time paid staff and 47 part time/ casual staff. YVU has its own expertise in all subject and it consists of  

            Engineers, Doctors, Veterinary Doctors, Agriculturist, Food Technologist, Chemist, Social Scientist, Electricians etc.