Animal Husbandry


In Thoubal District most of the domesticated animals are found mainly cattle, buffalo, goat, pig, dog, duck & poultry birds, etc. ‘Cattles and buffaloes are mainly reared for draught purposes and milk production.

The male animals (bulls) are used for ploughing to the fields, carrying bullock-carts & as sire for offspring which gives/provides a great economic benefit to the farmers as well as to the society.

On the other hand, female animals (cow) are also used for draught purposes not only for the production of milk & for their offspring and they serves a great role to the economic improvement /importance of the family as well as In the society.

    1. In nowadays milk is one of the most essential diet to keep fit and healthy of human being. With these concept, Vety. & A.H. Department is going successfully to develop/grading up using artificial insemination (AI) to the indigenous/local cows by using frozen semen which is coming from different parts of the country aiming to produce a high milk yield.
    2. Pig, goat,sheep- these animals are mainly used for meat / table purpose. Although in Thoubal
      District the number of sheep population is a little less pig and goat is found abundantly. And so, it also takes a good role into the improvement of economic condition to the farmers and to the Society.
    3. Duck & Poultry – Duck and poultry fowls are also found in anywhere of the District. It is also mainly reared for meat purposes but sometimes the farmers reared only for egg production and some farmers only meat purposes or both according to their choice. Rearing of duck and poultry birds are also very useful by enhancing / promoting economic condition positions to the farmers as well as to the society.
    4. Horse – In the District, a little small horse compared with other outside horses, in Manipur so
      called “Pony” is also found in thoubal district. In ancient times it was used for fighting and wars, but now mainly used for “Polo” a game of Sagol Kangjei.
    5. Vet. Hospital and Dispensaries – In Thoubal District there are 8 (eight) Vety. Hospitals & 22
      (twenty two) Dispensaries. In these Institutions treating all kinds of sick domesticated animals & Preventive Measures to control the unwanted diseases from time to time by vaccination.
      Schemes & Benefits :-
      A) Treatment to the Sick animals.
      B) Vaccination for the preventive measures.
      C) Grading up the local cows for production of high milk yield, good quality improvement.But, there are some specific schemes for Dairy (Cattle & Buffalo) Piggery, Goatery, Duckery & Poultry birds. However, it is not a promising one that such a scheme will be continued for every year.

How to apply:-

If there is any provision of scheme in a particular year, Manipur government has given prior information to the Vety. Department, Thoubal and then it will be notified to the public by Joint Director, District Veterinary Office, Thoubal,. so Public may contact theoffice of the undersigned.

Ksh. Shyamjai Singh
Joint Director
District Vety. office, Thoubal