Zonal Education Office Thoubal

Some of the important functions and activities :
Zonal Education Officer supervises the Government, Aided and Private Schools besides SSA and RMSA in the District to bring an overall improvement of the school education in the district is the main activity of the ZEO.

Sections under Zonal Education Office

  1. School Education Section : It has Deputy Inspectors of Schools, Assistant Inspectors of Schools, Account Section, General  (Establishment) Section etc.
  2. Account and Establishment Sections : There are Accountants, UDCs, LDCs, Cashiers, etc. dealing after preparation of salaries of teaching and non-teaching staffs. Establishment Section deals with overall administration.
  3. RMSA  and SSA :
    SSA is a national level flagship programme in the aim of enhancing the education status of Govt. and Govt. Aided Schools irrespective of Caste, Creed and religion of the children having 6 to 14 years of age of normal category which is extendable upto 18 years for differently abled children there covering of classes 1 to 8. Whereas, RMSA covered those schools having classes from 9 to 12.Both the schemes, RMSA and SSA are implementing well in the district for the betterment of the school education in bringing quality in the teaching learning process. Constructions of classrooms and school buildings are also carried out under SSA and RMSA including toilet, ramps and drinking water facility. School teachers are appointed from qualified individuals, Graduate Teachers under RMSA, Upper and Primary teachers under SSA.
  • Teaching of out of school children (OSC):-In this programme, SSA provides the private teaching of children for those who are never enrolled and drop outs so as to reach the age appropriate classes of their friends reading without break.
  • School grants, Teacher grants and Maintenance grants are provided to  every govt. school for every year.
  • IED (Inclusive Education of Disables) :- Every disabled child needs to be educated properly under SSA and such children are provided wheel chair, hearing aids and any other equipments as per the types of disabilities.
  • Uniform : – Government and Aided School children are provided free uniform every year.
  • Free text book :- Govt. school children are provided free text books.
  • Teacher training :- Refresher type of training are provided every year to all trained and untrained teachers.
  • Community mobilization training :- SSA provides training about the roles and responsibilities of the School Management Committee (SMC) to enable development of the school and 100% enrolment of the school children.
  • Mid-Day Meal (MDM) Scheme:

Mid-Day Meal is a national wide flagship programme that provides cooked meal at mid-time to the Primary and Upper Primary students of Government and Government Aided Schools. Allocated quantity of food grains and cooking cost of a district is released by the Directorate of Education (S), Government of Manipur to the Zonal level through concerned Deputy Commissioner (DC). Every school has their engaged Cook-cum Helper proportionate to the enrolment of school (GOI rules). This is a scheme which also provides Kitchen cum Store room to every school in order to serve hygienic and safe food. Allocation of food grain is 100 grams per child per day for Primary level whereas the quantity of food grain is 150 grams per child per day for Upper Primary level.

  • BALA (Building as Learning Aid):

The schemes launched by HRD is BaLA (Building as Learning Aid).The Zonal Education Office, Zone-III, Thoubal had already launched this programme in 5 (five) schools located in Thoubal District, namely :

  1. Athokpam Jr. High School
  2. Thoubal Leitanthem Kanhai Jr. High School
  3. Heirok Kano Leikai Upper Primary School
  4. Heirok Khunou Upper Primary School and
  5. Heirok Part II Primary School

Inclusive Education or education of Children with Disabilities (CWD) is a very important component of SSA. In fact the objective of SSA for universalization of elementary education cannot be achieved without educating children with disabilities. SSA aim to ensure that every child with special needs, irrespective of kind, category and degree of disability to provide education is an appropriate environment. The trust of SSA is on providing integrated and inclusive education to all children with special needs in general schools. By inclusive education it is generally meant education of all children (with or without disabilities) together in regular schools. The RTE Act 2009 has the provision to include children with disabilities within the category of “Children belonging to disadvantaged group” SSA has a provision of collecting data regarding children with disabilities through house hold surveys, assessment camps etc.


  1. Identification drives for Children With Special Needs (CWSN).
  2. Surgical Correction of CWSN (After Identification).
  3. Medical assessment camps.
  4. Distribution of aids and appliances for CWSN.
  5. Provision of Escort Allowance for CWSN
  6. Provision of Transport Allowance for CWSN
  7. Observation of “World Disabled Day”
  8. Preparation of Individualized Educational Plan (IEP)
  9. Teachers Training.
  10. Parental awareness.
  11. Home Based Education. Etc.
Number of Government Schools in Thoubal District
SL. No. Category of School Number
1 Higher Secondary School 06
2 High School 20
3 Jr. High School 74
4 Primary School 72
Total 172

Name of Higher Secondary School :

  1. Heirok Higher Secondary School
  2. Chaoyaima Higher Secondary School
  3. Lilong Higher Secondary Madrassa
  4. Khangabok Higher Secondary School
  5. Sangaiyumpham Higher Secondary School
  6. Lamding Higher Secondary School
Number of Government Aided Schools in Thoubal District
SL. No. Category of School Number
1 High School 13
2 Jr. High School 06
3 Primary School 40
Total 59


Zonal Education Office is organizing a District Level Meritorious Award to both students and teachers considering their performance in respect of HSLC and COHSEM Examination Results.In Thoubal District, Department of Education (S), and Department of Adult Education are located inside the District Mini Secretariat Complex,Thoubal.